Iceland — Off the Beaten Path


yoga & nature retreat with Meghan Trevorrow

Your adventure begins with a night in the heart of Reykjavik - Iceland's beautiful & vibrant capital. Imagine rejuvenating yoga, delicious food, rich history and beautiful coastal views.

Envision yourself exploring the vast, untamed landscapes of Iceland. This retreat is a balanced vacation with energizing yoga, delicious food and unique adventures. This is a trip of a lifetime and will leave you feeling recharged and inspired!

Together, we will fly north to Iceland's second largest city, Akureyri. Our five days in the north are all about nature! The country's untouched beauty has so much to offer — expansive landscapes, geothermal energy, unique creatures and a deep sense of both solitude and connection.

Experience 7 days and 6 nights in the magic of Iceland with Cat and Meghan.

“Iceland & a yoga retreat had been on my wish list for a while & it was fulfilled - 2 birds with 1 stone! You two are amazing teachers and it was a pleasure to experience this retreat with both of you. You compliment each other well. Your zest for adventure was great. A great combination of yoga, meditation & excursions within Iceland. A real flavour of Iceland.”

— S.A.